Hello @ewpatton
I follow steps in this github page to create some mit extensions but all of them have the same number of components.
Can you explain how we can add other components at least the one to get points?


explain your need,problem clearly

The tfjs-extension-tool outputs an entire copy of the extension-template repo and populates it with an automatically generated Java file defining the extension. If you want to add more blocks to the extension, you'll need to edit the Java file to define additional APIs. This is done in the standard way of editing App Inventor components.

as @ewpatton said

and for that i will give an example code

in the pre-made java file you will find 2 } at the end
<---- add the code i give here

@SimpleProperty(category = PropertyCategory.BEHAVIOR,
description = "Block description.")
public String true() {
return true;//this block is a light green block which return true
//which is same as the block in logic