TextToSpeech stop working after Android 11 update

the TextToSpeech command stopped working: no voice from the speaker, with volume at max.
Other functionalities seem ok. I do not use files in the app.
It is a simple app, compiled and installed a few days ago and correctly working today, before the phone received the Android 11 SW update. Here below some info about SW version, after SW update.
The same apk, installed on other phone with Android 8.1.0 works correctly.
I connected by AI companion to the phone with Android 11 for some debugging, but no change.
The app uses default language and in the setup of the phone the default is set correctly to italian.
The only strange thing is that, now, after SW update, when I receive a call the accent of the voice that tells the name of the caller is different, no more italian accent, it could be US english.
Anybody with Android 11 has same issue ?
Any advice to understand what the Android update could have changed in the settings to fix it ?

One UI 3.1
Android 11
Google play update 1 Aug 2021
Kernel 4.4.177-21701136
Knok 3.7, API level 33, TIMA 4.1.0


According to this information, in order for TextToSpech to work in android11, we need additional annotations in the manifest.

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I fixed the issue by reinstalling vocal data in text to speech.
The SW update has probably corrupted something.

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