TextToSpeech SpeechRate and Pitch no longer responding to changes

I have an app that changes both the Pitch and SpeechRate settings of TextToSpeech to get different voices. These changes no longer work. I only get the default Pitch = 1, SpeechRate = 1 voice no matter what settings I send to TextToSpeech. Any ideas why? Has there been a change in android? My code was working fine and there's no changes from my end.

Hi there,

It is working for me on Android 11 in AI Companion.

TTS.aia (1.8 KB)

Can you show what blocks you used?

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Strange, still not working on my phone. It's an old phone, android 8.8, but it was working fine before. At least I've narrowed it down to the phone now. Thanks for the reply.

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So you mean it works before and does not work now?

This apostrophe has two possible implications:
a. The new nb188 update broke something, thereby causing your problem.
b. Your phone updated, which leads back to your earlier supposition.

Yes, exactly that. It's the same with your code. Any setting gives the default voice.

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LOL. I assure you I left nothing out.

I'll go back and read the release notes for nb188 to see if there's a clue there. And if it's an issue with the phone I don't think I'd know what to do about it other than wonder why the code would be so fragile. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Hi there!
I also had a problem with speech pitch trying to run the Fake Voices tutorial with my students
(speech rate works fine, though) and I also tried this TTS.aia code you share, and again I can change rate but not pitch :frowning:

Hi Mr, I tried in version 6.0 and if it is equipped but in 12.0 it does not work.