TextToSpeech problem (no voice)

TextToSpeech.Speak problem (no voice)

                            S7 edge        S10
                            Android 8      Android 10,11,12
                            TTS native engine eBralec KSS (Google Play)          

AI2 app v183 yes yes voice
with TextToSpeech

AI2 app v187+ yes NO voice
with TextToSpeech

TalkBack yes yes
Voice assistant

@Voice Aloud Reader yes yes

How to build app with older version of AI2?

Thank you
Andrej Soba

No problem for me on Android 12 (Companion).

... and also not on Android 9, 10, 11.

Install my native TTS engine eBralec KSS from Google Play on 12 and try.

Why, what should that change?0

Because I am not American, but Slovene!

Does it not work to you.

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No. It works only when Google TTS engine is set, but not for my language.

I have already tested 4 TTS mechanisms for the Slovenian language. Apparently App Inventor is having trouble accessing the TTS mechanism (speech API) in android 12.