TextToSpeech: how set male/female voices and manage multi language phrases

Hello guys, I am testing a multilanguage ap, it works well but has a couple of things we did not think about before. Same languages have a female voice and others a male voice. Without access to Android settings that we know vary device by device also for the speech engines, is there a way to select male or female voices, somethin more then pitch and speed?
Second point... there are some/many words we normally use that come from a different language, for instance "file", "mouse", 'directory" are quite commonly used in languages other than English but of course the TextToSpeech does not know that and reads also these words as they were on his language. So, reading an Eglish word in Italian or in Spanish may result comic... is there a way to prevent these things, a special sintax or anything else or do we need to use only words coming from the same language set for text to speech?

Using Android Settings, you might be able to Google text-to-speech update adds multiple male & female voices . App Inventor does not have the flexibility Android Studio has to manipulate TTS.

You could use conditional statements to substitute words in your TextToSpeech.Messsage ; however Setting TextToSpeech.Language should compensate if the appropriate language engine is used. You could spell the 'foreign' word phonetically in English. :slight_smile: If the language is set to English, the engine will attempt to speak in English.


Forcing an English speech engine to speak a French or Spanish word will result in mispronunciations.


I was thinking if TextToSpeech may had some special sintax (just to be understood something like \en"file" or \it"opera") because... yes it is funny hear some English words when the language is Spanish or Italian. The problem is not so big in my case so may be better to use only words of the same language and modify those texts. But I hope to find a (better) general solution. I would like that the user has nothing to install apart the app; surely he has not to install voices or dictionaries.

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