TextToSpeech doesn't work

I'm making a translator in app inventor and the component "TextToSpeech" is not working properly. When I make it to speak in English or in Spanish it works but when I change the language to French, Italian or German it doesn't work. I think there must be a problem because it doesn't even make a sound in those three languages I need to create my app but in English and Spanish it speaks properly even with the accents. Could someone help me?

Welcome David.

The TTS engine that ships with the Android platform supports a number of languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The languages and countries available depend on the particular device, and can be listed with the AvailableLanguages and AvailableCountries properties.

A guess is the problem is your code Blocks or not properly using the language codes. Do I know? :slight_smile: no, you didn't provide an image of your code Blocks.

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