TextToSpeech does not read characters ? and!

I have a problem with the TextToSpeech module. The module does not read characters such as "?" if "!". The tone of the voice remains the same, even as the voiceover reads the question.

How can this be changed? Do I have to write down the "?" sign in some special way in order for it to be correctly read ?


As I understand it, the handling of punctuation is device and TTS engine dependent, and not manageable through App Inventor. The user will need to look at the TTS settings, if any, and adjust accordingly.

What happens when you have a period ( . ) in TTS? The speaking takes a slight pause. As I recall that response also happens when the TTS encounters any other punctuation (? ; ! or a comma) when used with the Google TTS.

What were you expecting to happen?


When I type "?" I expect to hear a question. But lektor is speaking like a normal DOT, normal sentence. I don`t hear any question ...

:slight_smile: That is good; it is the expected behavior. TTS does not provide special emphasis or pronunciation for question or explanation marks.

You might try using an alternative TTS engine as suggested by Tim. What you see is what Google provides. App Inventor cannot modify that behavior.

Ok , thanks

Google has an speech to text api that does pronunciation.

You can test a text and see if this is what you want.

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