Texting service malfunction

I have been using the app builder for a while and today (Sept 10th 2021) in the latest iteration of our biking app the text function will no longer initiate with the network and just fails.

the error reads: message not sent error: service not activated on network

could be a carrier issue but as I say we use it daily without issue, without change of carrier or phones just updated and added ore cell numbers.

Is it a change in the app (was working yesterday) do I need to look at new rules or formatting?

Thank you

Welcome Diane.

MIT documents changes to App Inventor 2 here> Release Notes for MIT App Inventor 2 .

Are you saying your app compiled previous to yesterday no longer works since you re-compiled?
Or are you saying that your app, running on the Companion 2.61 u fails.

Your issue could be

  • you did not compile with the latest software
  • your Android version upgraded to Android 11 and you use files in locations that the latest App Inventor 2 cannot support. Are you using Android 10 or 11.
  • you just updated your app and added more cell numbers. When sending an sms to multiple cell numbers, your provider could be limiting the number of messages sent and you just reached the limit or are attempting to send the messages without using a Clock to slow the process. Some providers restrict the number of messages that can be sent over a cell operator's network based on messages per minute/hour etc. You could revert to your smaller list of numbers and see what happens.

These are guesses; you have not shared any information about your app with the community.

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I am saying my app, which previously complied without issue, no longer works as of yesterday. I am assessing the options you have illustrated thank you

This is a really crude solution, but try it on the App Inventor test server; numerous bugs related with the latest App Inventor update, nb187, seem to be working fine on it.

thank you. After looking at all the possibilities it seems that there is a maximum no capacity (20 numbers) in one single text. This might be my carrier (AT&T) but is no working one less number!

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"Text" as in message/SMS?
Edit: Nevermind, I guess I didn't read the title.

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