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I am facing a similar problem to this Scenario if message not received. Texting.MessageReceived
In this example there was no solution given.
It is imperative that the user gives a correct number to be authenticated. @Taifun's phone number doesn't work because the Telco keeps it hidden. I can authenticate by SMS only if the user types in the correct number. If the number is wrong, the SMS goes off into the Telcosphere and no message is received. I have experimented with a solution that sends a 4 digit auth number which is used to authenticate the number but it works only if the correct number is entered. I don't want to show my blocks right now, 'cos they are an absolute mess. I need a solution, can anyone help?

How to get the Phone Number of the Device with App Inventor


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Yep. Done that one, but it works only if people enter their correct number.

you could add a clock component to check, if the sms has been received after a few seconds and if not display a notifier for the user to check the phone number


I thought of that, but cannot quite work out how to do it. Where in the blocks do I put the timer?

after sending the sms you start the clock and in the Clock.Timer event you check, if the sms has been received (you might want to set a global variable for this in the MessageReceived event)

you might wnat to try something and if you get stuck, then post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


Yep, will try that. And I was wondering if there may be a hybrid solution using the texting app you produced (the one using Json)? If it's possible to read only the last received SMS, that could do the trick. I like the idea of the 4 digit auth code, and I think that and the texting working together maybe perfect. I'll give it a go, what do you think?

So it means that somehow I have to rejig the blocks so that they combine both of these.

If you could point me in the right direction please. I think we have a solution.

@Taifun thank you for your help. Solved it with the timer.

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