Texting mit app inventor

How to send sms to phone when a sensor value is over the limit using texting of app inventor .
Ps: i am using firebase

Do you know how to use conditional statements as described in Programming Your App to Make Decisions ?

If sensorValue > limit then send your text. Exactly what is required depends on your existing code; where the sensor data is originating etc. Be careful; you code could end up sending continuous texts whilst the sensorValue is over the limit and you probably do not want to do that.

To text using Blocks, follow the advice in Texting . This means you will need to use the SendMessageDirect() Block to send a text message. Using this block will add dangerous permissions that will require additional approval if your app is submitted to the Google Play Store. . You need to use a Companion that has a u in its name. to expose the SendMessageDirect Block. For example, do not use Companion 2.62, use Companion 2.62u .