Textbox still active after user input

I'm trying to code unlucker for a program and for that i want the user to type the code in the textbox and then i want to check if the code is correct do something if not do something else.
Here's the blocks:
The problem i found is that when i type the numbers in the textbox, it remains active and the label doesnt change... Can you help me?

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Got will triger only few sec.

Do one thing, here use one clock to trigger and in when clock timer blocks use the above blocks

In your Enter Button Click event, have the block that closes the keyboard.
If you don't find such a block under your text box component, look in your Screen's blocks.

That works, but when the code checks (if input code =456) i want to send a GET request to the server. With a clock it's always sending the request which doesnt work for me. The best trigger that i can think of is the Done key in the keyboard. Like, User puts the code in the textbox and then clicks the done key in the keyboard. how can i use this trigger??

i dont that have that event

I figured it out, thanks anyway!


Or better use taifun keyboard where you can see the expecting things App Inventor Extensions: Textbox | Pura Vida Apps.

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