Textbox - move word by dragging

Is it possible to move a word by dragging in other position of textbox ? There is some extension to do it ?

There is a Textbox Extension by @Taifun and its link is here.

It doesn't directly have that feature but it may be possible by combining some of its features.
I don't know about how to do the dragging thing in MIT AI2 so I can't say it clearly.

But this extension might help upto some extent.

I tagged @Taifun because I gave the link above.
Please tell me if there is any problem with that and I'll remove it then.

There is no need to use a tag to get attention from a user. We strongly advise against doing that.

I'm not trying to get attention.
I was just not sure if I was allowed to share the link.

You are allowed to share an extension if link directs to developer's post or site as you did.


Thanks for the info. :smiley: