Textbox help needed

hi ,could you please help me , i would like to make a text box for numbers wich should not exceed 99.
and thank you verymuch

Three options I know of:

  1. If you have a button to “submit” the textbox value, test this value, if >99 then notify user/reset textbox

  2. Use a clock timer, set to say 100ms. In the clock timer event, test the value of the textbox, if > 99, notify user/reset textbox

  3. Use Taifun’s Textbox Extension, which has an event listener to do much the same as number 2 above

A fourth way

What did you finally decide to do Ben?

Hi , thank you very much for your help,
i will try Taifun’s Textbox Extension ,because i am not using a button to validate my text.
sincerelly yours

i have tried to use Taifun’s Textbox Extension, but it did not work for me ,i think that the way i did it is wrong, here is what i did :

i have tried to apply it for textbox1 and textbox2. could you please help me?

Fifth way:
Use this Block and set maxLength to 2:

From this extension:

i have tried with TextBoxTools and it worked good.thank you very much for your help.
here is how i did

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I usually add the block to Screen.Initialize but that works too.

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