Textbox Error: Segment: Start (1) + length (2) - 1 exceeds text length (1)

Hello all,

I'm trying to get words to show up in a dictionary when I type in the search box (TextBox). The first letter works fine, but once I try to type another letter, I get this message: Segment: Start (1) + length (2) - 1 exceeds text length (1).

I'm not really sure what to do. The "segment text" block works fine with a simple list - it's only when I try to check in the "key" of the dictionary that I get this error.

Here is my block:

If anyone could help me solve this, I'd be extremely grateful. TIA

Two things:

  • swap the AND tests, to apply the empty test first.
  • for the segment(), use min(length(Textbox1.Text),length(key)) for the length

You, ABG, are an absolute STAR! Thank you so much.

Here's the full working code for anyone else who might run into this issue:

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