Textbox error help

Hi, I am trying to build a list according to the range of values selected by the user. These values are taken from 4 text boxes. If the user does not enter values, the program assigns maximum and minimum values by default. I did all the possible combinations and only in the case of not receiving values in the TB_Excitacion2 the program gives me an error. I can't figure out what the reason is. Can someone lend me a hand?


In one of your Button Click events, you load 4 global variables with limits from text boxes.

You test if the box is blank, but you don't check if the text box contains a number.

That test is better than testing for blank, because it would exclude blank (empty) entries and also whatever other garbage might be there.

P.S. If this does not help, we need to see the entire contents of global Fluorlist, every row and every column.
Somewhere in there is an empty item.

Thank you Abraham for your suggestion. You were wright in everything. All the 4 textboxes have NumbersOnly option selected in the designer. Nevertheless, although the numeric pad appears, points and dashes can be added and the app crushes. I did not tested that before but now I will. As for the database, a number was missing in the excitation column. Now it works as I wanted. Thanks again

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