Textbox displaying/writing speed

Hi everyone,

i am just getting started with appinventor.

I want to have multiple informations (for example 4 letters each) in a checkerboard like pattern. Currently i am using multiple textboxes in a table arrangement.
So far, this works for me. But i am noticing a little time lag between the writing time of each textbox.
E.g. i can see that every single textbox fills up one after another. Seems logic to me because the code is processed from the top to bottom step by step.

So my question now is: Is writing and displaying to a label or something else faster than a textbox n regards of the code runtime?

Maybe i wont notice it with my eyes but will the duration of my code be faster if i use a different kind of "information displaying medium" like a label?

I have attached a picture of my table in the designer so that you can visualize my words :smiley: :

Screenshot 2020-11-25 151144

you might want to test this after building the app using the apk file
and to only display something, usually you are using a label... use textboes if the user should also edit the information


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Hello Max

Looks like you are presenting data that is collected from another device? So, the fixed titles as shown in your snapshot should be Labels. If you enter the text in via the Attributes Palette, there should be no visible lag, unless there is something else going on in the App that is hogging the processor/memory/ (such as an oversized or non optimised image).

How are you positioning the components shown in your snapshot?

Beware of automatic sizes for lots of components.
The initial pushing and shoving to fit takes time.

@Taifun Tested it after building the apk, saw no difference :smiley:
I changed them to labels, thanks.

@ChrisWard Yes, you are right. I am collecting advertisement data from a sensor via bluetooth without connecting to it.
I changed them to labels now, thanks for your help.
I think the lag which i see is coming from a procedure of mine which collects BLE advertisement data.

Talking about images, i actually do have some pictures which are displayed on the app.
How does someone optimize images for his own app? Do you mean making the file size of the images as small as possible? Or placing them in a specific way e.g. not inside any Arrangements?

I am positioning the components inside a table arrangement, which you can see in my attached screenshot.

@ABG Alright, so do you mean that i should set for example heigth and width of components to something fixed instead of leaving everything at the "automatic" setting?

Optimise all images, including the App icon:

...You can use a multi-line Label to view it.

Yes, using percentages or Fill Parent, which is a no-brainer.

Also, Horizontal Arrangements inside a Vertical Arrangement are less buggy than Table Arrangements.