Textbox .click extension required please

I just wanted a extension for textbox which is .click
So basically when i click on a textbox it gives me ability to do a process

When Textbox.GotFocus

Use this
Captura de ecrã no 2020-07-31 16-51-19

I doesnt get this.
Can you please tell me how this work as on clicking this doesn't work

I want to clear the text written by me in textbox when the user click on it help me to do that


It will empty the textbox every time it gets the focus. You can prevent this with:


Thanks for the help

Can you tell me what is use if .requestfocus

I just put there there for another textbox so that textbox2 did not have the focus when the app opens, for demonstration purposes.

Ohk thanks for this

Use a button with an empty/none colored background. :nerd_face:
It's like a textbox.

but the user can't type into a button......

Ohhhhhhhh a textbox!
I forgot what the textbox was called and I talked about a label.

Here an extension for Click in Label.

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