Text to speech not supported (for Persian)

Hi. can i add language to texttospeech? i want to translate voice from persian to another languages but this not support persian.

How to change the language and voice used for Text-to-speech (TTS) in Android 12 | My Computer My Way however, Persian is not possible I believe.

According to Android Developers Blog: An introduction to Text-To-Speech in Android.

The TTS engine that ships with the Android platform supports a number of languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish .

The Google Cloud Text To Speech supports more languages Vozes e idiomas compatíveis  |  Documentação do Cloud Text-to-Speech  |  Google Cloud , however, Persian is not one of the languages.

Possible alternatives to Android TTS might be in this list Android Persian text to speech - Google Search

Google Translate supports Persian Google Translate - Wikipedia so the MIT Translate tool might work for you to translate text. :slight_smile: but not for TTS.