Text to speech I don`t hear anything


I don`t hear any sound using text to speech. What can be the reason ?

I simply connected textbox.text to text-to-speech .speak message and it doesn`t work ...

Al lis in buton.click area


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simply connected textbox.text to text-to-speech .speak message and it doesn`t work ...

Are you using the SpeechRecognizer component too. In order for your app to 'hear' you, you need to use the SpeechRecognizer in your app.

I`m not using SpeechRecognizer . I want to create an app that will say using text-to speech a ,message written in text box.

Problem is that after compilation I dont hear any person from the app. My volume is set to max. So it should work ...but its not.

Are you testing with the emulator or an emulator - these may not have TTS installed / working?

Test on a real device with a working TTS using companion mode or with compiled app

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Does your code look like this
TTSspeak ? The example works on an Android 8.1 assuming you typed text in the TextBox.

What version of Android are you testing on?

Android 11 and also on android 10. Yes I have exacly block You mentioned. Text is in the text box area. An still I don`t hear any voice. Volume is correct.

In your device Settings you could check Settings>General managament>Language and Input>Text-to-speech and see what Preferred engine is set, this might need to be set to Speech Services by Google.

Will this work? Not having a 10 or 11 to check on, I don't know. 10 and 11 are ornery beasts and might need other than default settings.

or review * TextToSpeech You issue might be how you and where you change the 'language' You don't share those Blocks.


One update. When I changed language from dafaultto en its started to speak for a moment. But now on the new app it`s not working again even if I change langiuage to en again . Why ?

That's it. I had it set on Samsung TTS

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1.open the google play
2. search the tts google
3. install the tts from google
4. got the settings and correct the settings as below replay

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