Text to speech can not used in bluestacks

When running software on Bluestacks, there is no sound from "text to speech". Has anyone else encountered this issue like I have?

Hello @LETUAN.

I do not know why or in which cases THE EMULATORS "IN GENERAL" doesn't work with many blocks of AI2.
I avoid the use of Emulators because they have an inclination to fail with sensors, because the emulators doesn't have gyroscope, compass, etc.
I stopped using Bluestacks, and NoxPlayer and others for that reason, almost never work with the sensors. OK?
Try to run the app directly in the AI2 Companion.
I am sure you will have better results with that.

I tried running it on Bluestacks to test and to be able to suggest a solution for windows people. OK. Thank you very much. I will find another solution.