Text-to-speech api using for persian language

I’m using espeak tts in my android phone.my problem that’s this app in Persian language speak letters separately instead of as a word .what can i do?
is there any tts api or app that support Persian?

HERE is a compilation of old Forum discussions of the TextToSpeech component being used with various languages. Something there might help you roya.

Did you select the language using the TTS component? That might help. How is discussed TextToSpeech


Sets the language for TextToSpeech. This changes the way that words are pronounced, not the actual language that is spoken. For example, setting the language to French and speaking English text will sound like someone speaking English with a French accent.

I remember several of the articles in the above link explain that and what to do if your phone doesn’t current support a needed language; like Persian.

Let us know what you discover.