Text to speech and split text

i want the text to speech to only read the first half of the text in Label1. how can I do that? i tried using split text but it only excludes the word i wrote in "split text at" and continues reading the words after that. how can i solve this problem thanks

When you split the text, select only the first item of the generated list.

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sorry how can i do that?



thanks!! also how do I make it skip to the last page if there is no more other things at the back of the list?

and also how do i make my text-to-speech say the next half on the next screen

What page? Until now you had a text on a label...explain with more detail what do you want and where is you data.

You need to pass the "next half" to the next screen. To do this, you can pass data directly using "open another screen with start value" block or you can use a tinyDB component to store data in one screen and recover the data in other screen.

So basically the whole project is an app to teach blind people how to cook. We are going to type the steps into a qr code. After they have scanned the QR code, the app will read out the first step. then once they pressed the screen, it would turn to the second page and read the second step and so on and so for.

mmm, but are you going to use a different screen for each step? if the recipe has 17 steps, are you going to use 17 screens? Bad idea... and where are the recipe steps stored? Maybe you can do a list with the different steps and, when the button "Next" clicked, then the app read the following step (in the same screen).

umm sorry wdym where are the recipe stored? im gonna input all the steps into a qr code is that what you are asking? im sorry english is not my first language

Yes, I was referring to that...Can you share an example of the format the recipes will have? How will the different steps be separated?

idkkk i suppose split text?? i have no idea how to do my project TT

An example about how to split and how to speech step by step...but it depends on your recipes format...

hiii thanks very much it really helped a lot. But now I want it to show ingredients first but it doesnt contain "step" so it doesnt seperate. What can I do? Thanks!!

How are the ingredients stored?

i dont need to split the ingredients. I just want to split the ingredients and the recipe. Not the things listed in the ingredients list. Sorry. Thank you very much

Well, and how is stored the recipe and the ingredientes? Can you share the format of the recipes with ingrdients?

If there is a section under "Ingredients" tag/title you can try to split using that string.

For instance


  1. eggs
  2. oil
  3. milk


  1. Crack the egg and mix well
  2. Add 5ml oil to the frying pan
  3. Fry the egg for 3 minutes

If you understand how split block works...you can divide the text as you want and keep the part you want.