Text to Speech ... a delay


1stly LOVING App Inventor I am teaching it to my Transition Year classes here in Ireland (16yr olds) and they are really enjoying the leaning curve and innovating with phones rather than passive consumers of it ..

My question may be an easy/simple one.

We created an 8ball app, the user types a question via the text box, shakes the phone and app says back an aswer from a global list.

The app also says

You asked *** text in text box **
I have thought about this, and my answer it
***Local variable from list ***

However i just want a bit of a delay, a 'breater' beteer the question and the answer, else she just talks like a series of letters rather than sentences.

I have tried the 'blank' line - with spaces, I have tried the commas, nothing seems natural.

I saw a comment re using a Timer(clock) i just want a second (or 2) pause to build up some excitement and make it sound more realistic

Thank you in advance for your help


Just call a clock timer when the device gets shaken, then place your response blocks in the clock timer event (remember to stop the clock)

(a no blocks questions gets a no blocks answer :wink: )

If you want to show your relevant blocks, then it makes it easier to provide an answer (with blocks)

Thank you that's great. yes I am all about the blocks,

what's the best way? a screen snip or do you want the Ai2 file?

Actually while i have you ... i wanted a delay also on the label so it 'reveals' the answer WHILE she says it, else they see it before she says it, rather ruins the suspense - i guess this would be a clock too?

Thanks for your help

Try like this:

Set accelerometer to "weak" seems to work better.

Thank you, but wow that is some learning curve!!

Lesson 1 was simple/fun text to speech
Lesson 2 was a simple/fun music player
Lesson 3 ... It gets serious ! All that just for a brief, 1-2 second pause in the speech delivery?