Text to list of chars / letters

How i can handle entered text by letter? How i can convert text to list of letters?

Two different things:

I suggest you try using Taifun's Textbox Extension with the listener events

Use the text manipulation blocks:
You can split a string to individual characters in a list using the "split by" block with an empty text block (Note: this will generate an extra empty first item in your list)
After that use the text replacement or other list blocks to refine your list.

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the first variant give AfterTextChanged component com.google.appinventor.component.runtime.textbox@7026024 (i used StartTextChangedListener)

and second variant i not understand (and where can i get split by block?)

Sorry, i am a very beginner…

Why not show your relevant blocks for use of the text change listener, then we can see what you are trying to achieve?

The “split by” block is in the text drawer

i have onli these split possibilities.

and i try that:

Try something like this:

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… or this:

Thank you all, i got it and this works vell…

Sorry, should have said “split at” not “split by”

Thank You . . .
بارك الله فيك

first of all, thank you Anke and every one here for your interaction,
about this pb, I am wonderring about the necessity of "remove list.."
for my case I have make some diffent change just by error ! but after some rectification it work pefectly , here my result and diagram

Sorry if the picture of blocks not clear!
the idea is I used "segment" instead of "replace" block and as I said I removed "remove" block