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Dear all,
I wonder why the text in labels is using such a big amout of padding with respect to label borders.
The problem is: I need to stack 4 labels vertically (i.e. in a vertical arrangment) shown with big size characters on a 7" pad (i.e. 600 pixels vertical dimensions) The heights of characters are 80, 80, 160, 120.

The 4 labels are placed into a single vertical arrangement each one immediately on top of the other (i.e. in the picture the label showing 21:43 is immediatel on top of the label showing 21, which is on top of the label showing 18 and, lastly, on top of 3200).
But, as you can see, the vertical position of each label is really consuming a lot of empty space between each other (it seems that the default padding is very high: the circled empty space).
I've tried to use two extensions: LabelPlus and ComponentTools. These two extensions are both providing a block to set (among other parameters for labels) the padding, in terrms of blank space between the text and the borders of the label. Unfortunately they are not working as expected: in other words for sure they are working fine, both, but most probably I'm using them in a wrong way since whatever padding I set (i.e. 0, 1, 2,.....10) the labels remain the same and the empty space also.
As a second approach, instead of putting the 4 labels one on top of the other, directly, I've also tried to put 4 HorizontalArrangment in the VerticalArrangment, and each label in a different HorizontalArrangment, but no differences.
For sure I'm wrong in something, but I cannot understand where :frowning:
Final question is : is there any way to "condense" vertically the labels , so to avoid waste of pixels ?
I hope I've been capable to explain my problem.
Many thanks for whatever help or hint.
Ciao, Ugo.

This is just for your device? If so, you can set the height in Properties.

Note that setting in pixels is fine for your own device, but may not fit other devices well - that's why sizing in % is usually best.

Another solution would be to use 4 Canvas Components........

Or try unticking "HasMargins" in the designer ?


There is also the LabelPlus extension by @Patryk_F that has many options for label formatting

Try this - done in a few seconds:

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Dear @Anke , @ChrisWard, @TIMAI2 ,
I really much appreciate your answers.
Honestly in my post I haven't enumareted all the trials I did, but, yes, I've tried to set the height in pixels, automatic, fill parent (stretching the parent so to reduce the overall size),I've set, or unset, the Has Margin, and, as I told, I've used both the extensions having blocks capable to set the padding, but maybe I use them in a wrong way because I got no result.
Anyway, I will try again in an empty app, so to check if there is some setting in my current app that blocks the padding setting.
But not now, 'cause I'm going to the office. Tonite I'll investigate more .
(Dear Chris the app is intended to work only on my pad, for this reason I didn't care about portability :-)).

Ciao !

For example (with a duration of 1000 millis):
VA_spaceLabels.aia (35.3 KB)

You might (should) learn something from this (hopefully :wink:):


Dear @Anke,
thanks a lot for your very interesting suggestions !!!
This evening (I'm in luch interval, right now :slight_smile: ) I will try them and let you know. :crossed_fingers:
Vielen Dank !!
Tschuess, Ugo.

Or the same componemt tool can be used like this too


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Dear @Spicy_Topics and @Anke,
both your solutions are working fine :smiley:
Really thanks a lot. I didn't think about the possibility use negative numbers, therefore just putting positive ones I got no results.
I see that I can select only one post as the solution, but I owe you both a pizza or a coffee, whatever you prefer...
:star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:
Grazie mille !!!
Ciao, Ugo.

Many thanks also to @TIMAI2 and @ChrisWard for their time in reading me :+1:

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