Text on a balloon?

Is there an easy way to place text on a balloon?

What I am trying to do is have a balloon and in the middle have a timer that shows 1,2,3, and so on. Not sure how I would place text on the balloon though. Thanks for any help.

Put your balloon image as a background to a vertical or horizontal arrangement. Place your textbox/label in the centre of the arrangement with no background colour.

Ahh that makes sense making it the background. I simplified what I wanted though as I am trying to create the second image here:

This might be silly but could I have say 8 different backgrounds and cycle through them? I have code that makes an expanding balloon-was hoping I could place a textbox on top of that but that wont work.

Why not? What have your tried ?

Why not simply create a button, whos bg picture is a balloon and its text is whatever you want to place on the balloon.
If you do not wish for it to be clickable, disable it.

Draw the text on a Canvas.
You can also draw a bubble on the Canvas..
A fat line can be used to erase old text.