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I have created a text box from the user interface and within the properties of selected numbers only so that the input type could be just string, well just numbers. So what I want to do now, I want to have an If statement. When that button is clicked, I want to input the digits collected from the numbers that were inputted in the text box. And to compute these numbers, how do I go about that using MIT app inventor?

How would you do that using pen and paper?

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just like a calculator app. I want the TextBox to be where the user would type their input, for example user type 700, then I want to multiply that number by a constant.

blocks (41)


I'm having issues locating some boxes, please look at the illustration that I've provided in the attachment, the ones that I found are located below.

Search the Gallery for 'calculator'.

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See the free book at

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you can find the advanced blocks in the Any component drawer

see also

How to work with the advanced features

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You'll find them automatically after having loaded a "TextBox" and a "Label" in the designer as well as a "Button".

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