Text Getter for an App

I need some way to get the app to recognize text in images, more specifically from the results obtained by the web viewer, to get the text so that the integrated reader of mit app inventor can read it, as part of an app for the blind that I am doing Please any idea is good. (it's really urgent) :sob:

Have you considered using some of the existing Android Accessibility features?

See Designing and Developing your Android Apps for Blind Users (Part 1) | by Alastair Craig | Medium

in particular TalkBack or Voice Assistant (features that are part of most Android operating systems) This tool might do some of what you hope to do.

Hello Hansito

Perhaps you need an OCR extension (Optical Character Recognition)?

See Mika's OCR extension: OCR Extension | Version 5 - ClassicExtensions - Community

From the link, download 'com.NMD.Ocr.aix' and import via the App Inventor Components Palette in the Designer.