Text files saved from app on phone invisible?

I have an app that saves data in a text file which must be available to other apps.
However, when running it on my phone and saving the file, the file is not visible
from the MyFiles app. It is hidden. However, running the app on my tablet, I can
see the file in MyFiles. The phone is using Android 14 UI 6.0, the Tablet is using Android 10, UI 2.1. Clearly it is an (unwanted) feature of Android 14.
My app is no use if I cannot access the data that it produces from other apps like email, text editor for viewing, and others. Since my app is mainly aimed at phone use, how can Use SaveFile to save my data in a file which is not hidden? thanks in advance Tony.

Set FileScope to Shared or Legacy and save the text file in one of the Shared folders (/Documents or /Download).

See also here:

I was using MyFiles supplied with the phone.
I found a different Files app in Playstore and downloaded it and it sees many more files!
I am happy. :innocent: