Text box question

So my question is this… I have a text box and a button linked to it in the form of you type something in the text box and press the button and a word pops up on the screen. The problem is if you press the button even without typing in the text box it still has the word pop up on the screen. Is there a way to prevent this from happening so that the only time the button works is when there is text typed in the text box? Any help appreciated thanks!!

Yes, in your Button Block, test to see if there is text in the Text Box first.

Popup if textbox has text

And this should also work


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I like Chris’ one. You can set the number of characters required :+1:

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It shows that you can do different things to get the same result. That’s the fun of App Inventor.

I would prefer this, because if a space (blank) is entered, the Notifier pops up too:


Thank ya’ll so much! perfection!

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Good to know thanks you vm.

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