Text Box Loaded from TinyDB Not Displaying

I am trying to load a value from TinyDB into a text box.


This is what it displays in the text box:


I used the same exact coding in a new project and it works fine. However, in this project it will not load the value. I have even manually added a button to save a number to the database. Yet, it still refuses to load the values from the database.. Any idea why this might be happening?

Could this be a result of resuming this project from years ago?

have you save the textbox to the tinydb before?
Run TinyDB.ClearAll to remove all the tag, then try again.

Thank you. I found the problem. It was my mistake. In part of the initialization I used textBox and not textBox.txt

This is solved.

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We have all been there and done that Daniel :upside_down_face:

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