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Since the text boxes in AI2 don’t work with keyboard to capitalize the first letter of each sentence automatically by default, I’ve used the TextBoxTools extension (https://community.appybuilder.com/t/textboxtools-extension/21007) to achieve it. I used the InputTypeTextCapSentences block, and it solved my problem, but now I have a new one: When I type in the text box, the text automatically gets scrolled to the left if it exceeds the width of the text box (basically, you’re only typing in one line at any given time). I can’t see all of what I’m typing, and it’s bugging me.

Does anyone know of other extensions to use along with this one to inhibit the automatic sideways scrolling? Or maybe a different extension altogether to capitalize sentences?

What happens if you use a native TextBox and set Multiline to true? or set it’s width to Fill parent.

Sorry, that does not capitalize as you wish; use the up arrow on your keyboard :wink: without an extension. What it does do is allow you to see all you are typing without setting TextBox Width to Fill parent.



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Hi Steve, thank you so much for the reply.

Yes, I do have the Multiline set to true and the width also set to fill parent. However, the funny part is that the extension block I used ignores the Multiline setting because when I press enter, it just hides the keyboard and doesn’t start a new line in the textbox. Hmm…

I'm looking into it...

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I’m looking into it…

Thank you very much! I appreciate the TextBoxTools, by the way :slight_smile:

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I added a new block:

I will figure out a way to streamline it later.
Thanks for letting me know about this!

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@Ken A big thank you!! I appreciate your help :smiley:

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