Text box data entry


How can I print text boxes with the number keyboard in the picture … I don’t want to use the phone keyboard. will be required

See here, it is for creating a calculator but uses the same concept

sorry it didn’t work. I can only print 1 text box


User clicks a number
Combine this number(as text) to what is already in the text box

set textbox1.text - join - textbox1.text
                         - number pressed

textbox.aia (1.2 KB)

how can I do it? Can you help


The only blocks needed:

blocks (5)

Please note, if you add any other buttons that are not the number buttons, you need to exclude these from the when any Button.Click event, perhaps like this:

Regarding applying this to multiple textboxes, you will need a global variable to hold the currently focused textbox and modifications to the blocks that reference your textbox …
global textboxComponent when any textbox got focus when any button click
These blocks are draggable.

it didn’t work

What didn’t work ?

Show us your blocks…

no blocks yet. I just want an example from you.

this did not happen

I want a suitable block screen5


should be an advanced get TextBox.Text of component block

Are you sure, you are understanding the logic of the advanced bocks?
see also How to work with the advanced features


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