Text box answers when selecting in the the listview

extbot responses when selecting the listview.

I'm new to this area so I need some very simple help. When I select something saved in the listview, the responses that form the word in the list appear in the list for me to write. If it's confusing, forgive me, my first language is not English.

(If anyone knows how I remove the () from the viewlist I would appreciate it)


try removing that block:

Thanks It Works to remove The (), but you know What o should do doe The answer of The TXT show when i select sothing in The listview?

sorry, I don't understand what do you want to achieve. Try to explain it again, or maybe with an example.

I also don't know how to explain it properly, here is what my teacher asked: an item is edited when selecting from the list and then the data is loaded again into the registration fields for updating.

mmm, I think I understand what do you need...in AfterPicking block, you need to take the item selected and place again in the textBoxes (each piece in its textBox)...so, you need to split again the selected item (the opposite to the join you have done previously).

Your can get the selected item with "Selection" property. Then split it with the character "-" (the same you have used to join it) and then you will have a list so, you can place each element in its textBox.

I'm sorry to ask this but can you give me an example?

Here you have an example.

Like you can see in the ListView there is a list similar to yours...with several elements joined by a "-".

In the AfterPicking block, I'm splitting the selected element (I have it in "Selection"; in this example I have setected the second element) by the character "-". This gives me a list of the different words of the Selection.

Then I can get each word separately and place them in the label/textBox or whatever. If I have not misunderstood you, you need to do something similar in your AfterPicking block.

thanks i will try

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It works Thank you very much

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