Text article which include picture and table

Good day to you all.
Please am developing an application whereby i want to include in it "some text articles which will also have some pictures and tabular articles", how will i input this in the app ?

convert your articles to pdf...

Hello Hassan

Probably the easiest and most elegant way would be to produce the articles as HTML + CSS pages (no internet required) and display them on demand via App Inventor's WebView Component.

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Thanks, but after converting it to pdf how will i now place it in the app?

Thanks, but how can i go about to produce the articles as HTML + CSS pages ?

You will need to learn! Fortunately, HTML and CSS are very easy to work with once you get an understanding of it. There are free tutorials all over the www - but beware, some are for HTML4 which is now retired - HTML5 should be used.

Take a look at W3 schools: