Text Alignment property is missing when block programming

There is no property to set Text Alignment (justify right, center, left) when programming in blocks but available in designer. This is a big limitation.

There is a Pull Request to get more setters and getters.

Not sure what it all means. Unfamiliar with Pull Request being a newbie.

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Sorry for that. That means someone made the changes you want. It just has to be merged with the App Inventor source code. So if everything goes all right you will see it in the near future.

So when can it be expected to see this in effect?

That is up to the developers of App Inventor.

It's already possible with this extension:

This extension is only listed here: App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
Therefore, this should always be your first choice when looking for a (new) extension.

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Thank you.

I assigned one of the developers so they can answer when it will be merged into App Inventor. Then you won't need to use an extension.

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