Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb187)

I think specifically this tag: https://github.com/mit-cml/appinventor-sources/tree/v187


Mere mortals cannot see that "branch" - probably for good reason :wink:


The v187 tag (as linked by @BeksOmega) is the closest you can get to seeing the nb187 sources. When we do a release, we tag the open source version with the v### tag and then apply our private branding (Terms of Service, private keys, etc.), and that becomes the corresponding version put on ai2.appinventor.mit.edu.


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Thank you very much for the info MIT Team :kissing_heart:

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Here is a test APK that only works with the File component (no extension is used):

Tested on Android 11 (Pixel 2XL).


  1. File.Exists from assets does not work with the APK (Companion works).

  2. WRITE permission must be declared in the Manifest so that it works after the automatic request of storage permission.
    If the permission is denied:
    "Error 908: The permission READ_/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission has been denied. Please ..." depending on which action is carried out.
    If the permission is granted, however, it works, although WRITE permission can of course no longer be granted under Android 11, since it no longer exists there.

  3. All shared folders work without problems, except /Documents.
    The folder /Download works with all file types (txt, jpg, mp3, ogg, mp4, ...).
    Non-media files (like .txt) should only work with /Download and /Documents.

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I don't have an android11 device. Should android10 also allow writing to shared folders without write permission? I wanted to test the write, but components that write anything ask for write permission.

therefore the permission should be defined like this

  android:maxSdkVersion="28" />

see also @Anke's tests, for example this one


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This should have been the first easy fix to nb187 to facilitate further testing on all devices.

The point here is not whether or not WRITE permission is granted, just whether WRITE is declared in the Manifest. As I said several times, WRITE can no longer be granted under Android 11.

Yes, see also here:

If requestLegacyExternalStorage for Android 10 is not used, then set maxSdkVersion to 28, otherwise to 29.

My question is, does android10 allow writing to shared folders without write permission? Same as in ASD.

short answer yes
long answer: see again here Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb187)


OK thanks. So we should also remember about android 10 during corrections, so that the app does not ask for permissions when we do not have the scope set on Legancy.

With this nb187 release can we edit our package name for our app ??

no... why do you think so?
see also the release notes Release Notes for MIT App Inventor 2



hmm, that is a quite not nice
it would be very better if they would add this.
I thought because every other app builder except AI2

if anyone wants this feature then like this post :+1:
so that MIT Team can add it very soon in the next release(nb188)


From what I can see it's not. Jarlisson did not make the appropriate corrections, and it seems he is no longer an active user / developer in ai2.

Sad to know aar support and native libraries support wont be added in nb187

We extension devs know pain of aar libraries

~ Sed lyf


I don't know much about this that how hard it is but i think MIT should focus on their extension developers too as aar support can make a revolutionary effect on extension development history also in latest release of Niotron they had added AAR support so it won't be difficult for either MIT to add aar support... This was my opinion on this .

~ Akshat


Seriously, wont lie, my almost 15+ aixs are done, ready but, just because of lack of aar suport,

it doesnt work