Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb187)

The APK is hosted on the Niotron server.
So again: No reason to remove it.

Yes, I asked for the Java code or an APK, here:

It is a direct download link, so @SteveJG is correct. Please change the link to a landing page for the link, not a direct download link.

I believe this would be correct:

FileTest APK Link on Niotron Community

No, because we need the solution here in MIT App Inventor...

@Anke you forgot to answer this question

Why do the file names have to be changed? I would asume, that we can overwrite any existing file?


Where's the difference? :upside_down_face:

The link you have is a direct download link for the apk

The link I provided takes you to the post with the link on it.

Posting of direct links to APK files is not allowed on this community, to safeguard users direct downloading possible malicious content. Linking them to a landing page gives them a get out.

That is completely irrelevant in this context. Assume it's the same as a text box.

Ok, where is the difference ...

Yes, I also asked about the Java code and what was needed to fix this crash:

Yes, just now:

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Ok. That updated change should be going onto the test server today.


I checked some blocks on Niotron.
Copy to shared storage works only in these two folders:

  • /Download and
  • /Documents

Error / crash when copying to /Downloads:

Note: /Downloads exists on my test device (Android 11).

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The build server does no longer work.

yes :sob: the build server not working

is there any other way, to build .aab file?

It appears MIT has taken the build for the test server offline in anticipation of releasing nb187 . nb187 will be able to build an aab. The normal build server works for nb186.

MIT indicated late yesterday it intended to release nb187 following the passing of hurricane Henri . MIT facilities are near the path of the storm. Sometime after the storm passes, MIT will upload nb187. When exactly? Be patient. When the new version is released will depend whether storm damage affects App Inventor operations. :slight_smile:


Yes, maybe, but we should have been given the opportunity to test it on the test server until the very end.

I'm pretty sure that there will be issues / bugs with the File component and also with READ / WRITE permissions after the targetSdkVersion = 30 update. I have done a number of tests with Niotron and (also) found some serious issues / bugs there.

I don't think there was a release yet that would not have even the slightest mistake. If there are any, I think a bugfix version will be released soon.

I'm not talking about a "slightest mistake" but serious bugs.

its released..

As I suspected:

See also here: