Test to speech recognizer is not working properly

I was using text to speech component in my app and it was working fine, but now suddenly it has started creating problem, whenever anything its speak it repeat that word. for example if text to speech says “hello sir” then this hello sir it speaks 2 times. i am wondering how this can be possible. please help


Can you post an image of your blocks?

Please show your code{either by a screenshot or by a link}.
Probably I will be able to help you. :wink:

here is image of blocks, i am using an extension

for speech recognition in this app.

May help to know which extension ?

[MOD - extension removed)

as i could figure out there is nothing to do with extension because i tried without using any extension but problem was still same

Please link to the page where the extension is “advertised” by the developer, do not direct upload their extension.

ok, sorry for that, i am new to this so i did know that

You appear to be mixing up text to speech and speech to text ?

i did not understand can you explain
because earlier this was working fine, suddenly it has started repeating every text two times.

i am still waiting for proper answer can anybody help me???

Well as stated previously, you appear to be using both of these extensions:

Can you please explain in more detail what your blocks are supposed to be doing, in terms of converting speech to text or text to speech?

When i click speak button it launches Speech recognition and start listening, after listening if the results matches with pre typed text then the text to speech speaks YES BOSS, means i have setup the assistant name as Jarvis, when i say Jarvis, it should reply yes boss, earlier it was doing the same, but now it says two times yes boss, yes boss

Not sure why you need these blocks ?

Because the speech recognition extension turn off the volume when it getting text, so i need to disable mute audio before speaking the text to speech, otherwise i could not listen anything because voice is muted.
Secondly i need to stop speech recogniser before starting text to speech, otherwise recogniser will start listening the voice of text to speech.