Test the android app using ios

I have a school project to make an android apps. The problem is my phone is ios. How to check my app? I was using the ai companion but its getting mess and i using mit app inventor online

Hi Ho.

Please provide the following information so that other users can help you.

  • Are you using any extensions? Extensions cannot be tested using the iOS compaion.

  • Your AIA file? This helps other users to debug your project and spot issues.

yes i am using font extention

and this is my file, please help me
mobile_tugas_copy.aia (3.3 MB)

Use the emulator will work.

If you code for ios, the aia probably will work on an Android (however if you program using Companion and an Android, that Project may or may not work on ios.

If you use an extension to select the font, your app will not work on ios. If you use the ttf control, the fonts might work on ios . The fonts using the font control will definitely work on an Android device.