Test application for another screen resolution


I am developing an application which will be used on an Apollo SPC phone. The resolution of its screen is 960 x 480 px (see Caractéristiques détaillées SPC Apolo - Moviles.com France ). But on the App Inventor website, the resolution cannot be changed, and I test the app on my own phone (LG G7) which resolution is different from SPC Apollo. Is there a way for me to change the resolution while testing to verify that the application will correctly work and display its results on the SPC Apollo specific resolution ? Thank you.

Simple answer, no.

Are you unable to run the companion app on your Apollo device ?

You should also use responsive sizing, and set your compoents to responsive sizing if required

I already set responsive sizing.
The Apollo phone is used by my mother (in Spain) and I live near Paris, so I don't have access to the Apollo phone.