Tensorflow models


I am wondering if app inventor is working on artificial intelligence.

I want that we can use our own models of tensorflow. Will you add this option o someone can do an extenson for it?

This might be useful.


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hi thanks for the reply, Yeah i already know it. I am talking about using own trained model by tensorflow.

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Did you solve it?
How can I use my own trained model?

Try a search ?


I already searched. but there is no extension where we can use our own tensorflow model.

Bumping to see if any solutions have been found here.

Been looking into Google Vertex, currently training using AutoML Edge, to make a TFLite model.

Curious if I could use an extension here.

Our PIC and PAC extensions are open source on GitHub if you want to see examples of how to load and evaluate TFJS models in App Inventor extensions. We also had a Google Summer of Code student implement a Teachable Machine extension this summer that we will be publishing soon.

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