Tennis player Tracking App

This app will allow the user to input data by watching the replay of a tennis match. The input data of each point includes; the spin (3 different types), location of the ball on court.(The tennis court is divided into 9 different Zones/locations numbered 1...9), Type of Shot (there are 19 different types of shots), Point Won/Lost, Unforced Error(Mistake made without Pressure) into the net/Out of Court, Forced Error (mistake made under Pressure)into the net/Out of Court, Shot Won /winner/forced error/unforced error. I would like to take this information and build stats as to where mistakes are frequent location on the court, type of shot so an play can identify weaknesses that need to be worked on. furthermore there are a number of other stats that will be invaluable in identifying problematic areas on the court and with the type of shot/s
I was inspired by "player tracking app" created for football, i hope to use this a frame.

Where's the app?

Are you looking to make this app Phil?

Here is a link to an old post by Abraham in the original App Inventor community that might help you get started with parts of your app.

If you are designing the app from scratch, start by laying out a table (spreadsheet prototype) of the events you want to capture.

I'll start you off based on your request, and no knowledge of tennis...

  • datetimestamp (when the hit/miss occurred, using natural numeric time form)
  • player name/ID (to allow reuse across multiple players)
  • spin type (choose among the 3 values),
  • zone number (1-9),
  • shot type (choice from 19 types)
  • point won/lost (numeric +1,-1,0...)
  • Error type (is this only one type, or a combination of two attributes?)

Laying out the data before the code will help avoid code problems later on.