Tengo un problema con la extracción de datos de google sheets a mi aplicacion en mit app inventor

Hello, timai2, yes it works for me but I need you to make the connection with a google meet sheet as a database where the data that the list will show in the application is generated


I thank you for your quick answer TIMAI2, the first link is from the sheet, but where are the second and third links from?.

I can't find it since I have it in Spanish

There is only one link / spreadsheet url ?

me refiero al segundo, luego del link de la hoja, por que el tercero es del rango que se va a enviar

I am sorry, I do not understand what you mean....

  1. where did this come from?
    Captura de pantalla 2023-04-11 153445

2.Where did the table viewer come from or from which block is n taken?

  1. It is just a google sheet (ID) I use with a table of data, for examples and demonstrations...

  2. If you go back to post number 2 in this topic, I suggested using Tableviewer to display your two columns of data....

Could you send me the extension, I can't find it, I'm very new to this so do you know how I can get the (ID) from my google sheets sheet?

Go to THIS URL, you want v6

If you open a google sheet you will see its url in the url address bar at the top. The ID is the long string of characters in the middle of the url.
for example:


The ID is:


keep bugging about cvs

What does your responseContent look like ?

It looks something like this when I ask for the list

What does your responseContent look like (see my previous post for how to show it) ?

Done, thank you for your help, I already solved why it didn't send or mark the problem with the CSV format, it was because it was badly written, although I try it with other projects and despite being well written, it marks the same error, but it works where I need. One more thing, do you know how to rewrite google sheets cells of a form after having already used the cell (no problem if you don't know :smiley :smiley: )

Please explain what you mean....

Can you please tell me how to rewrite google sheets cells of a form after having already used the cell

Please explain what you mean...

How to change data of a cell in which has other data?

You want to update the value in a google sheet cell ?

Use the native Spreadsheet component

or Google Apps Script