Temporary start my app in background?

Hello Knowers
I am trying to make an application that takes the data on soil temperature and humidity from NodeMCU.
So far it works satisfactorily.
I also have a notification (in the task bar) for "dry soil".
The application does not need to run continuously.
But when it doesn't work or is stopped by Android, I don't receive notifications!
Is there a way in a round of 6 hours for my app to start in the background, "do its job" in about 60 seconds and close again?

Excuse my English and Google translation!
I hope you understand me.
Thank you in advance.

You can try using the BackgroundTasks extension (should be on this Community; I'm on my phone, sorry).

The following extension would be another possibility... the question is, what happens, if the device is locked...


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The BackgroundTasks extension was my first choice!
The Alarm Manager Extension was my second choice (because is not free :slight_smile:)
But and both are hard to uderstanding for me!
If can I to use some examples, that will be very big help for me.

If can to receive notification or start and then receive notification after the device is unlocked - it is OK.

can you share how you did it

You can find several example projects here App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps


very very thanks