Telegrambot How to write user message and catch bot's reply?

I have a telegrambot, If I write to it "Temp" it replies with the temperature from my home weather station. Now I want to make a app where I press button I get temperature. I write the command "Temp" in Textbox1

I can connect to bot but it writes "Temp" "Humi" to Bot's response side when it shoud write them to bots user side and then get bot's answer back to application

Here is my "code"

what about providing a link to the telegram API?
did you try Do it to find out, if the url is correct?

also what will be provided currently in the responseContent?


Here is url and response.
What you mean by "Do it"


according to the API Telegram Bot API


Use this method to send text messages. On success, the sent Message is returned.

everything looks correct...
the question is, how to get the response, i.e. the temperature back...

I'm not familiar with that API, but probably this is what you are looking for?


I dont think telegram bot api would let you write from the users side you might have to implement the method you did in coding the telegram bot.

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