Technical Preview: Android SDK 34 Update

Hello everyone, has been updated for the Android SDK 34 Google Play requirement. Starting August 31, all apps deployed to the Google Play Store, which includes App Inventor and all apps built with App Inventor, will be required to target SDK 34. Every update brings new changes to Android's APIs that can break apps and/or extensions. You can read more about breaking changes here. This will be the next major App Inventor update once nb197 with the new UI is deployed.

We are making this server available for initial feedback and encourage extension developers in particular to validate their extensions against an Android 14 device. You can also check out pull request 3191 for compiling any in-source tree extensions.



Thank you
Please keep that server up and running while you are in vacation,...
And: Enjoy your vacation :partying_face:



It should be fine so long as the power doesn't go out at MIT, but if it does I'll get a notification.


Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 8.01.13 PM

I think currently it's not building APK

No problem here:


Is this the URL your using, because I still get same error


Try with a new (almost empty) project...

Thanks @Anke
Yes it works fine,
it's an extension issue and will update the developer regarding this.

It's not building APK and Bundle

See post #6:

Thanks @Anke, but I already tried it in an empty project too and there is an error with the server.

Confirmed (but works fine yesterday):

Yes, yesterday it was fine, could it be a direct problem with the server? maybe

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@ewpatton unfortunately building on the test server still fails with the following message

Build failed! Build server responded with response code 502.

502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway

nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

it also fails builiding an empty project...


The server has limited memory and too many builds caused the OS to terminate the buildserver process. I've restarted the buildserver in the meantime and will look at migrating it to a machine with more RAM.

Hello ! I need update urgently my app to sdk34 , my project has a lot of content, but the test link ( does not generate the apk file an error occurs.

Please search the forum. This question has been asked multiple times (by the way, its the same unnecessary procedure every year).

We've moved the SDK 34 support over to