technical issues for audio apps

Good morning.
i have created apps for my radios with your system but i have a problem.
android stops audio after screen freezes.
is there a system for this not to happen?
momentarily I solved it by opening the audio screen on another page but it is not a good solution.
I would like the audio to be heard directly in the app and only turn off on command.
thanks for the replies, if there will be any


Please describe this in more detail. And search the forum for "radio", "streaming app", ...

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with this command I open the audio stream in another page

the audio in this way does not stop with the screen locked, but to turn off the audio you have to close the page

I have read a few posts but no one can find a solution ...
pity because I see many people who would like a radio app with the audio activity function always on, as it should normally be

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thanks, I'll read it right away :slight_smile:

I apologize for my ignorance, but once I have downloaded the package how do I import it into the app?
I think I need some help installing ...
sorry for your patience :slight_smile:mitapp2 mitapp3
i downloaded them but i didn't understand how i can insert them

it looks like you are asking how to import an extension?
See the App Inventor Extensions document about how to use an App Inventor Extension


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Ok, sorry..
Thanks :slight_smile: