Teaching mit to graduating students in my university

Welcome to the inventors of the emulatorMIT .
We would like you to answer some questions here.

1 Can we teach the emulator MIT to students and is it preferable to study without the Internet or with the presence of the Internet? Does this affect the server?

2 Are there privacy policies for this question?

3 How do I make the emulator MIT not accept my students ? I want them to work on the local server on the computer and not open on the web.

4 How can I translate the emulator MIT Are there programs that do this I would like to try, but with the approval of the officials.


Ali Abu Ghoneim

Someone from MIT will reply soon to your specific questions Ali.

MIT App Inventor 2 is a Web application. That means App Inventor requires the Internet to work both with the Companion and the emulator.

Third party developers have created a clone that resides entirely on a PC that is not MIT App Inventor but works like it. It is generally used by schools and developers with Web connection issues.

Perhaps you can use the clone. See Download App inventor offline

Regarding the MIT App Inventor

Getting Started with App Inventor

Teaching with App Inventor

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Hi @Ali-abo-wardi,

Here are some answers to your questions:

MIT App Inventor is an online platform. While there are some packaged versions for offline use, they are not published by nor endorsed by MIT and your mileage may vary in use.

The terms of service and privacy policy are available here: MIT App Inventor Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

@SteveJG pointed to some offline versions. However, as I mentioned in my answer to question 1 we don't endorse these nor do we provide support for them.

Are you attempting to provide translations for the web interface, or are you attempting to translate apps? For the former, you can sign up at https://weblate.appinventor.mit.edu and let @Susan_Lane know which language(s) you intend to translate. For the latter, it's up to you to design your app interface in the target language(s) you intend to publish the app.


Great, thank you.
I have issued a text request to my university.
The course will start on the twentieth day of the next month.
As for the translation, I would like to translate extensions and all parts of the work. I have some assistants in this as well.

Thank you very much for the great answers

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