Teaching and developing code

I am teaching Happy Balance challenge B, I am trying desperately not to give the students the code and make them figure it out. I have diagramed the white board, I have suggested horizontal and vertical alignments I have told them to review the codes they used to get the edge change color. I have told them to write down what they would say to the computer to figure out what they should code. I am getting back nothing after 3 days.
Does anybody have any suggestons I am trying to hold strong and not give it away but the lack of progress over 3 days is frustrating? Any suggestions to get them back on track would be appreciated?

What is this ?

Welcome Richard.

As Tim indicated, it would be helpful for the community to know what the programming Project is supposed to produce.

A guess might be to follow the advice at:


or perhaps

If you are a member of the teachers group, you may also want to post there specifically to see what other teachers have to offer, preferably those who teach students roughly the same age and with a similar background.

Hi, how do i join the teachers group

@Eric try

Teaching with App Inventor which points to many App Inventor teacher's resources. There might be a link.

@ewpatton can help you enroll. :slight_smile: